Monday, August 24, 2009

It's good to dream...

I have to say I haven't always been one to dream. And when I say, "dream," I mean dreaming about the future; of what could be; to aim for something, etc. You get the idea. Actually I know that in the past I've sometimes been quick to crush a dream. My sweet hubby might come talk to me about some dream of his and I'll quickly remind him of reality and how that is NOT going to happen. I'm sorry baby!

I'm learning that it's good to dream! Even if nothing comes of's atleast fun and can be inspirational and motivating. Lately Brian and I have been dreaming together. Dreaming about the future, about what God might have planned for us, about our life together. It's been VERY fun!

One of the things I've been dreaming about is starting a baking business. Nothing huge...I don't want to own a bakery or anything like that. But I do love to bake and I know it makes people happy and if I could make money doing it...well who wouldn't love that?

So, with the encouragement of my hubby and a few friends...I thought I'd give it a whirl!It has been SO MUCH FUN creating a name/logo with my husband. We'll snuggle on the couch and Brian will take my ideas and make it happen on the computer. He's awesome! We'll turn on some music and just sit and dream and talk! LOVE IT. is my new logo for my baked goods...

I'm going to be selling my yummy sourdough bread, my infamous chocolate chip cookies, my banana bread, and pumpkin bread. I might sell cupcakes too....we'll see how this goes first. If any of my friends in the Austin area wants to buy anything...leave a comment with your email address and I'll email you the info!

Even if nothing comes of this and I don't sell a single's atleast been fun to dream, to bake, to work alongside my hubby! But here's hoping!

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